There is something very special about natural materials. They are never perfect, but always genuine. Things that your hand feels, your mind notices and what make a person feel good. What is around us has a profound impact that we might not always be aware of.

Our journey started with the discovery of all the amazing rock that nature has created on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Today, we travel all around the North and Scandinavia to find beautiful materials. We never stop being amazed of all the tinges, patterns and textures that nature creates.

The stones in our collection come from small scale production and local quarries. Grey marbled limestone from Estonia, red stone from the island of Öland and the fantastic green marble from the deep woods of Kolmården. Our warehouse is full of stone ready to be delivered to your home, house and garden. Durable and frost resistant, hardened by nature itself. At Östersjösten, we are convinced that nature does it best.