Andrum Spa

by Deniz Bulus


I have not visited all spa's in Sweden but I sense that Andrum Spa is among the best. At least regarding  design and shape. Andrum Spa was built by the Swedish Church and Lund's diocesan church year 2019. The spa is located near Åkersberg Diocese, an hotel and conference facility in Höör, Skåne. The images of this Scanian baths speak of good architecture. The reality is better and the experiences are magical. 

Although the building is relatively small, all rooms feel intimate. You can hear the water from the indoor pool sorling and the visitors' voices are heard faintly, almost like in a church. The organic skin,- and haircare products with Swedish herbs and berries are available in the showers and spreads a pleasant aroma. It is truly a respite. 

Architect Johan Sundberg and Mattias Andréasson. Photographer Peo Olsson.

The level of detail is high. Very high. The materials used are Bårarpsgnejs - a local granite with tones of red, gray and black. The ceilings and interior walls are in pine. The sauna is perhaps the most beautiful I have seen. Wide heat-treated pine planks meet the gneiss on the floor. The stone is comfortable to walk on and it is nice to sit on the wide planks. The temperature is perfect. The details of the sauna and other rooms are reminiscent of the master's Zumthors Spa in Vals. The steam sauna has seats and back in solid gneiss. The light streaks from ribbed pine that covers the large window where you can look at the outdoor pool, even the one fully clothed in the beautiful gneiss.

In the general rest room there are loungers with a view through 5 meter high windows towards a large lawn followed by deciduous forest that follows the river here in Höör. 

This is nothing but world class. Johan Sundberg and Mattias Andréasson did a great job.

Photographer Peo Olsson.