Grout, plinths, and window sills

by Shirin Elsworth Magnusson


This is how you can optimize the use of natural stone details to improve the overall experience of the room. This includes choosing the right grout, handling plinths, and window sills in a thoughtful way.

Grout for natural stone

The choice of grout is critical when it comes to real stone, as the wrong grout can cause discoloration of the stone. We recommend our high-quality grouting compound, Ardex G10, specially designed for laying natural stone. In addition, the choice of color for the grout is important – it should match the color of the stone as closely as possible. However, if you want to create contrasts, you can use a contrasting grout color to highlight individual tiles and floor movements.

It is also worth noting that grout is not always necessary. In spaces such as the kitchen, hall, living room, and guest toilet, stone tiles can be installed without joints, creating a subtle shadow between the tiles. However, for wet areas such as showers and bathtubs, the use of grout is still preferred.

Floor plinths

Choosing the right height of the plinths can affect the overall impression of the room. We offer 7-cm-high plinths in various stone varieties, including Lindanäs, Norrvange, Alevik, and Kolmårdsmarmor. Low plinths can give the bathroom a more integrated feel with the rest of the home, while higher plinths can create a more traditional spa feel. If you want the stone tiles to extend up the wall, a height of around 120 cm can be a suitable measure to create an impressive atmosphere.

Window sills

Window sills should also be matched with the floor to create a uniform atmosphere. Our window sills are available in various stone types and formats. These 2 cm-thick boards can be easily cut to the desired length with an angle grinder and sanded on the sides with a polishing pad.

It is worth noting that our windowsills can also be used as wall shelves. They are not only suitable for bathrooms and kitchens but can also be a stylishly functional addition to home offices, children's rooms, and as a small table next to the bed.