Before your purchase

by Shirin Elsworth Magnusson


Variation in color and texture
Natural stone and ceramics are living materials that can be perceived differently in various lighting conditions. Therefore, it's common to find some variation in color and texture compared to what is displayed on screens or from sample pieces. This is part of the charm of these materials and should be expected.

Chipped Edges and Minor Damages
Although we strive to deliver products of the highest quality, it's important to remember that genuine natural materials aren't flawless. Natural stone is porous and may therefore have chipped edges, small voids, or surface chips. These are part of the character of natural stone and do not affect its functionality or beauty once installed.

Transport damages and precautions

If you notice cracked tiles or damaged edges upon delivery, don't worry. We always include 1-2 extra tiles to compensate for any losses during transportation. Additionally, damaged corners or edges on natural stone are common and can result from both production and handling. These edges can be easily fixed by cutting or filling the joints.

Minor scratches and their handling
Because the stone is manufactured in a humid environment, it's difficult to avoid minor scratches completely. These scratches may be hard to detect at a glance and tend to wear out over time. They do not significantly affect the stone's performance or aesthetics and can be considered part of its natural patina.

Understanding and accepting these characteristics of natural stone and ceramics is important for appreciating their unique beauty and character. By being aware of potential variations and minor damages, you can better prepare for delivery and enjoy the material's natural charm once it's installed.