Different Surface Treatments

by Shirin Elsworth Magnusson


Honed Surface
The honed surface is soft and smooth with insignificant grinding marks. This is the most commonly used surface treatment and works well in all types of indoor environments. The floor surface becomes even finer over time with normal wear and tear. Areas of use include walls, floors, kitchen countertops, and terrace tops.

Brushed Surface
A brushed surface is obtained through rotating, diamond-coated brushes. The surface becomes textured and simultaneously smooth, with relief depending on the type of stone. This treatment provides a rustic feel and is durable, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as floor and wall material.

Diamond-Milled Surface
Diamond milling is the first step in grinding and results in a completely smooth, rough, and at the same time velvety surface. Ring-shaped grinding marks may occur, and this treatment is less slippery than ground and polished surfaces. Used both indoors and outdoors.

Planed Surface
A planed surface is created with a planer blade that scrapes the stone surface and produces various rough textures with a scratched, striped structure. This creates a decorative effect and can vary in roughness depending on the setting. Planed natural stone can be used both indoors and outdoors, giving the stone a discreet pattern and a rougher tone.

Surface treatments on natural stone offer a variety of options to customize the appearance and uses of the stone according to individual needs and preferences. Each treatment leaves its unique mark on the stone, giving it a distinctive character over time.