Meet our interior architect

by Shirin Elsworth Magnusson


Tell us a little about yourself and Östersjösten studio

My name is Rebecka, and I am an interior architect and designer at Östersjösten Studio. Through my design, I create experiences, meetings, and history. My focus is always on "people's encounters," and I have a strong curiosity for spatial design. By mixing continental style with Nordic minimalism, I create unique projects that tell a story. I attach great importance to details and quality and am constantly fascinated by how interior design can affect people's everyday lives and life situations. With eight years of experience as an interior designer, I am grateful to be able to do my passionate work every day.

At Östersjösten Studio, we strive to combine functionality and aesthetics in every design, regardless of whether it is residential or commercial projects. We offer 3D visualizations and 2D drawings to help our customers throughout the construction process.

What experience do you have in creating different types of bathroom designs? Can you give an example of a previous project?

In a previous project, Villa Strömma, I created a bathroom with a long, narrow layout. On one short side was a large window that reached up to the ceiling and had a beautiful frame around it. When you stood in the bathroom, you got the feeling of being among the treetops and being at one with nature. The bathtub was strategically placed to give a full view of the trees. For this project, I chose our limestone Lindanäs because its structure is reminiscent of mountains, and the gray shade of the stone reflects and captures colors in the surroundings. Each time one entered the bathroom, it offered a unique experience, as the stone varied from lively to muted and soft depending on the light and shadows.

What materials do you recommend for bathroom fittings and why?

I recommend that you work with natural materials as much as possible because they age beautifully. Limestone, for example, has a special scent and provides a grounding effect. The bathroom is not only about getting clean, it's also about getting a moment to ourselves and recuperating. You can look at different concepts such as Japanese spas or hammams, where there is a ritual in being alone in the bathroom. If you enter a hard and modern bathroom, it can counteract the calming effect that the ritual is supposed to have. Therefore, it is important to work with materials that create a relaxing atmosphere.

What does your process look like when you create a unique design for each customer?

Inspiration can appear in different ways, either through the stone you want to work with or through some other detail in the bathroom. There is a source of inspiration where different ideas arise. There are many important aspects to consider, but I especially try to focus on balance, light and dark, and the positioning of the dresser and toilet. I think about what you see from different angles in the bathroom. I have an idea that something should shine brighter than the other elements. By creating balance, I create harmony and simplicity.

Can you help with the planning and design of other rooms in the house apart from the bathroom?

Yes, at Östersjösten Studio, we focus mostly on rooms that have stone, so if you plan to use stone in any room other than the bathroom, we will be happy to help you plan it.

What current interior design trends do you see in bathroom design right now?

I see a big trend where many people return to using natural stone on floors and walls. People are moving away from harsh and cold lighting and standardized ways of designing bathrooms. People are becoming more adventurous in their design choices, which I welcome. There is an increase in more creative and unique designs.

How do you adapt to trends while creating timeless and sustainable design solutions?

By creating something that is timeless and classic, you get a room that feels timeless in itself. When you work with natural materials, they will age beautifully, just like us humans. We also take into account lighting and harmony throughout the room, which means that the design can be relevant and current for a long time without feeling outdated.

Can you give an example of how you have integrated popular trends into a previous project?

A popular trend is to use neutral colors and very natural elements. This fitted perfectly into our concept for a mountain cabin, where we highlighted the colors from nature outdoors. We worked on combining different textures on top of each other to create an interesting design.